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what is airfare

airfare is the only 100% plant, no-sugar-added, high-fiber and -protein, actually healthy pouch fit for your flight.

who is airfare

We are Geremy and Justin, working professionals who travel frequently and place a premium on our health. We believe healthy eating is an essential building block for a strong and happy body and mind. This, we've found, is the best foundation for conscious and fulfilling work and relationships.

We're both avid fitness freaks, evidenced by Justin's health blog and extreme diet experiments, and Geremy's obsessive tracking of red meat and alcohol consumption for the last 1,876 days...and counting. We're not normal.

why airfare

Our extensive travels for both work and pleasure have led to mounting frustration and confusion over the lack of healthy options available when flying.

You're basically limited to the glass pastry case at Starbucks, that 1-pound bag of oil-fried peanuts at the newsstand, or the Grand Slam Breakfast at that generic diner in Terminal B. And let's not even discuss what you can get on the plane. No thanks.

Somehow, in the country's move to more nutritious, less-processed foods, the air travel industry has remained stagnant. Even the products marketed as "healthy" are hardly that, often loaded with added sugars, hidden salts and cheap oils.

We started airfare to introduce a novel concept in air travel–actually healthy food that's fit for flight.

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